About Ihnf

Hey ˶‘ ᵕ ‘˶ 

My name is Maja Šebenik - Sheby and this is my clothing brand I have no focus that I created in 2018. The brand is based in the capital city of Slovenia (Europe), Ljubljana. I finished my diploma in fashion and decided to have my own little creative outlet that has now become a small business! I have been sewing every single piece by myself and learned what it means to run a tiny business:) Now I have some help with sewing from a lovely lady in Slovenia, her name is Jožica. 

I have no focus is all about playfulness, colors, comfort and fitting every body. I always strive to find designs that look amazing on all body types. I see you! 

Collections are made in limited quantities and are not restocked. This ensures to keep designs unique. I always try to find the most comfy and earth friendly materials possible that feel good on the skin. 

Thank you for being here and keeping the fantasy alive ♡

XO, Maja


What I have no focus is all about