Terms and conditions for renting


If you want to book a try on session, please contact me on my email: ihavenofocus@gmail.com. The price for a try on session at my studio in Ljubljana is 10 eur and is only charged if you DON'T decide to rent a dress.



If you decide for rent, you pay 50 eur as a deposit to reserve the dress for your desired date. This deposit is payed back to you when you return the dress without any damage. Any damage to the dress will be charged from the deposit. You will be charged the rent price on the day of pick up. Rent prices include: a try on session in my studio in Ljubljana, styling advice, small sewing adjustments and cleaning.  



You can pick up your dress one day before an event and return it two days after an event. The prices listed on this page are for 4 days of rent. Extra days are charged additionally, 10 eur/day. 



In an instance of cancelled rent, you get 50% of deposit back ( 25 eur ) if you cancel 3 days before an event. If you cancel later, you will be charged the full 50 eur. 



In case of a damaged dress, the 50 eur deposit will not be payed back.  



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